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 Posted: Dec 31 2014, 02:26 PM
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Luna Blue may be an old planet that's being recreated, but our rules are as standard as before humans fled. Please read them all carefully, and follow them as close to the letter as you can. If they confuse you, let the admin know, and she'll straighten things out.


1. BE RESPECTFUL -- This goes for whether you're dealing with guests, members, staff and anyone else. Don't be mean, be nice. We want to settle this into a very comfortable place, after all.

2. DRAMA BELONGS IN RPS ONLY -- Don't go bashing people in the shoutbox or the OOC forums. It's not right. Not at all.

3. KEEP IT PG-13 -- If you want your characters to have some fun in the sack, fade to black only. Some cursing is fine, so is some violence, but...If you wouldn't want your 10 year old cousin [hypothetical or not] to read it, you probably shouldn't post it or say it.

4. ONE ACCOUNT PER CHARACTER -- At this time, Earth Renewed is a one character per account site. You can make sub accounts, so use them wisely. Sub accounts appear as their own accounts, but are attached to your account. Ask the admin for details. This is mostly so you can separate profiles.

5. OOC ACCOUNTS ARE NOT REQUIRED -- I have one, but you don't have to. It's only really necessary for staff to have a separate account...


1. NO WORD COUNT REQUIREMENTS -- We have no count requirements because, honestly, who wants to count their words every time they post? Just be polite and reply to the best of your ability, and give your partner something to reply to. Can't think of something? Tell them. It's natural to help each other right?

2. ACTIVENESS IS LOVED -- You don't need to post once an hour, but try to post at least once a week. If you can't, that's fine. But...There will be activity checks to make sure you posted at least once or twice a month IC, okay?

3. ONLY PLAY HOW MANY YOU CAN -- I'm not gonna say you can't have more than five characters [because honestly, I probably will]. However, don't play 10 if you can't handle playing 10. This is common sense, but seriously...Don't play so many you'll give yourself a heart attack from the stress. It's silly.

4. ANIMANGA FACE CLAIMS -- I won't be picky who it is, but it has to be an animanga based claim. Games are fine if it's a similar style. NO REAL PEOPLE THOUGH. Okay?
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