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» Admin Ahoy~, [The First Hi Ever]
 Posted: Jan 16 2015, 12:34 AM
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Hi there lovely members! I am the admin...But I prefer to be called Juneberry [or something of that realm of nicknames you think of]. Jaluna's fine too. Just...Don't call me admin. I'll get confused. But I guess Admin is better than Little...

ANYWAY. Nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to play with me <3 I am hoping this site grows well, and that the community both in and out of rping is a lovely place for everyone. Lots of great things can happen here, and I want everyone to take part.

Er...Right. This is my intro. Intro, intro...Um....I'm a 22 NEET [not in employment, education or training] fighting for her disabilities. Been RPing and writing since I was ten, but ironically couldn't really read until then either. I'm a bit dense, so please feel free to be blunt with me. Anywho...Ask what you'd like, I'm an open book. Except to myself.
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