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» Myrical Jameson
Myrical Jameson
 Posted: Jan 15 2015, 11:09 AM
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Myrical Emily Jameson

Myrical is extremely outgoing, she's definitely not quiet. She's the type of person who'll introduce herself immediately. She is confident with who she is, but she can't stand when she's laughed at. Read: temper tantrums arise and she doesn't quite understand the consequences of her actions. She's a loner, but she doesn't quite understand why- She wouldn't call herself weird exactly, but to other people she is. She's skittish if threatened.

Myrical's life began really at the age of four, when her parents died and her aunt took her in . That's when she began wearing her cat ears and tail, given to her by her father as a halloween costume two months before. She didn't take it off the whole of two weeks after her parents died, and her aunt called her "weird". She left her aunt's house after learning that she was going to be married to a man that thought Myrical belonged in an institution. She ran away with a group if circus folk, who promptly abandoned her after they had reached their destination. She currently resides in a hollowed out tree trunk; and spends her days doing whatever she wants. She wouldn't call herself a settler: having not really had a real home since before she put on the costume: she was more of a traveller. She didn't belong here, not really; and she'd only be here until her aunt came back to her senses-right?

-This is going to seem kind of stupid, but I do have a personal roleplay limit: Please don't roleplay self injury (specifically cutting) with me without asking me first. If I say sure, don't link to pictures of it if you do. Kay? Thanks.
-She is human, but has reverted into a form since her parents death in which she acts like a cat (hence the costume)
 Posted: Jan 15 2015, 02:23 PM
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I just have a few concerns before I can accept Miracle.

1. It's okay if she doesn't consider herself a settler, but considering people 'settle' on Luna Blue as a new planet, she'd have to have gotten there somehow, and I doubt such a young girl would just buy property on a newer planet if she's only planning on staying momentarily. I'm more lax about the age, but seriously...How is she planning on living on a newly developing planet? Do you plan on her staying at the to be made inn? Just give some more details on this type of situation, basically. Remember,this is like suddenly moving to the moon here. Except it's Earth not being called Earth.

2. Wait, so does she think she's a cat now? Since you mentioned student/cat...xD

That should be it for now. Once accepted though, I'll need to ask you to change your username to Miracle's name. Please post again in the notifications or PM me with questions.
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 Posted: Jan 15 2015, 09:33 PM
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<br />Thank you for choosing to live on Luna Blue.
<br />Your residency file [app] has been moved to the proper location.
<br /><br />1. Please make sure your username and character name match.
<br />2. Please fill out all your claims.
<br />3. Please have a lovely life on Luna Blue.

<div style="width:250px; text-align:right;">xoxo kaka</div>
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