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» June's Plots, Multiplotter: Walter Graile
 Posted: Jan 16 2015, 12:45 AM
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Walter Graile
Heterosexual; Single.

Friends: Walter makes friends easily, but trusts them with more difficulty. The type that likes to avoid conflict naturally, Walter can fake a smile with ease and not think twice- and often convince himself it's honest as well. However, while he's intelligent and able to read people, he doesn't always recognize good intentions easily, and tends to keep people at arm's length. If you're persistent, though, he might just open up to you...But at least he's almost always nice?

Enemies: The type who always puts on an act, anyone who sees through it is probably going to hate him. Also, anyone who comes to dislike his realty company will not like him either. But he probably won't feel himself an enemy easily. Or...Something.

Romantce: Getting Walter to be honest is hard. But if you push through it, you'll be surprised to find he's a pretty nice guy naturally, and a sap in many ways. He tends to be a masochist, and so the more you call him names, the more he'll get excited and actually like you more. So...Blunt people are more likely to be on his radar of love. If he gets to it.

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