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» Danger Zones? [Modded RP Idea], Concept Survey
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 Posted on Jan 6 2015, 06:52 PM
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The concept is quite simple, really. Each 'wild' area that could invoke a dangerous situation will have a 'Danger Level' --> 1/3 or 4/5, for example. Depending on the levels and the high level will decide how randomization is done.

FOR EXAMPLE: If we were using a /5 system, a 1/5 would require a coin flip or something similar with five coins, and unless 4 coins match the 'danger choice' [heads?], it would be safe; Meanwhile, a 4/5 level would require only one coin to be what is deemed applicable.

If a thread in the danger zone gets the required number of heads [or request I guess?], a moderating member would bring in a dangerous situation to make the characters fight off- giving a slightly more structured phenomenon for characters to develop around at times. Moderators will not be character accounts, of course. Either an NPC or a general OOC account will be used if this is put in place.
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