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 Posted: Dec 31 2014, 02:15 PM
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The earth was left to rot by the humans over the 21st and 22nd century. With their home planet dying, they were left with no other choice but to flee to planets in space. For the time, the Earth festered and fell into further decay, leaving creatures and people that were left lost on the planet to fend for themselves in chaos...And eventually despair.

It took a good century or two before scientists of future generations began to look at the home planet of humans again. Seeing it stabilize, they began an experiment. For cheap prices, people on other worlds, from any walk of life, could buy a home and settle down on the planet being remarketed as "Luna Blue" by one of the most famous Realtors in space: Other World Realtors.

As humans begin to settle on Luna Blue, which has returned to a mostly vibrant world of green grass, blue water and dangerous terrain, the future generations of those left behind have begun to stir. Those who were lost to the chaos are now hateful towards humans, who they blame for the Earth's disarray. And so, while they live in the wild, some have begun hunting humans...But the humans moving to Luna Blue don't know that.

"Come settle down on this free, fun new planet!" They're told. Thus, humans from space return to their home planet...

But will they be able to get along with the Earth once more? Or even find out where they are?
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