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 Posted: Dec 31 2014, 02:18 PM
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Those of Luna Blue are split into two general groups: Settlers and Ancients.


You have heard stories of the Earth, but you have never been there. For whatever reason, you took up the offer to move to the newly discovered Luna Blue to help raise the planet into a great place to live. You'll live in the town everyone has started to settle, and lead a new life. Will you flourish? Or will you be destroyed by those who blame you for their pain?


Your ancestors were left to fend for themselves on earth. Whether human or barely so, you have adapted to the harshness of the Earth's betrayal, and likely blame humans for your pain. You likely have a lot of mutations from whatever or whoever your species once were. Will you learn to accept the humans that are moving back to your home? Or will you try to destroy them for vengeance?
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